Voluntary Community Transport in the eastern West Berkshire villages between the Kennet and Thames.

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Dealing with your special needs ....

Carebus can very often meet your transport
needs even if you or any member(s) of your
party have to stay in their wheelchair while
travelling, need to use a zimmer frame,
Rollator, or crutches to get aboard, or need
someone to look after them in transit.

There are, however, some special questions
we will need to ask before we can accept a

What we will need to know:

A - For setting up the vehicle we will need the
total number of passengers, the number of
wheelchairs (occupied or stored) plus the
nature and number of any walking aids etc.

B - For risk assessment purposes we will

need to have the details of care required by
any passenger in transit or at the destination
and the details of the person(s) who will be
providing such care.